With Eszter Szabó, the basis of this work was Aristophanes's Speech from Plato's Symposium: "Aristophanes professed a discourse: The sexes were not two as they are now, but originally three in number; there was man, woman, and the union of the two, of which the name survives but nothing else. Once it was a distinct kind, with a bodily shape and a name of its own, constituted by the union of the male and the female: but now only the word 'androgynous' is preserved, and that as a term of reproach." "Terrible was their might and strength, and the thoughts of their hearts were great, and they made an attack upon the gods" " Zeus spoke and cut men in two, like a sorb-apple which is halved for pickling, or as you might divide an egg with a hair" " the male generated in the female in order that by the mutual embraces of man and woman they might breed, and the race might continue; or if man came to man they might be satisfied, and rest, and go their ways to the business of life. So ancient is the desire of one another which is implanted in us, reuniting our original nature, seeking to make one of two, and to heal the state of man."" And the reason is that human nature was originally one and we were a whole, and the desire and pursuit of the whole is called love. There was a time, I say, when we were one, but now because of the wickedness of mankind God has dispersed us." So we made 100 small drawings in the way that we combined the styles of each other into one, so that it can not be known witch one is made by who. We draw objects and humans, and connected them in the gallery space. Any one could be connected with any other as in the Symposium, but it is not sure that they find their right couple.
2008, 100 drawings, ink on tracing paper, thread