Erdei Krisztával workshopok a Grundsuliban.

Erdei Krisztina, Fischer Judit, Juhász Rokko, Mécs Miklós, Soltis Miklós, Szabics Ágnes, Szemző Zsófia, Utcai Dávid / T-Tudok Tudásmendzsment és Oktatáskutató Zrt. / Molnár Ferenc Magyar–Angol Két Tanítási Nyelvű Általános Iskola „Grundsuli” / Hallássérültek Tanintézete – Budapest

The exhibition presents the results of a four-year international program (CAPP – Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme) that was aimed at sharing collaborative art practices with artists and supporting projects involving various communities that seek effective solutions to a particular social problem.

The artists, selected by open-call and their partners carried out seven projects at several locations in Budapest and in the countryside in 2017. The artists worked together with various communities, including marginalized people or groups with specific problems such as pupils in Budapest and Pécs, young people with intellectual disabilities, people with visual impairments, inhabitants of small villages, agricultural entrepreneurs, and Romanies living in a disadvantaged area.

The aim of the projects was to strengthen the social role of the artists and to improve the participants’ quality of life. Participants involved in the creative process sought to solve social problems through their own creativity, experiencing the community's supportive power in the joint work.

The exhibition presents the achievements of the seven collaborative projects through texts, photos, films and artworks. The exhibition also focuses on displaying the processes and participants’ reflections on social issues, the role of communities and the artists’ position throughout the work.