Men's work, Women's work, working patterns is a drawing series with which i examine patterns of work, it is a process drawing, where there is a passage between two types of working day. The drawings show a monotonous activity, it could be a series of a hundred drawings as well. The monotonicity of drawing can be associated with other activities like knitting or baking, these conventionally women's work. The drawings show phases of this work, how a woman's hand knits one knot after the other, and in the end it adds up a tractor that is the work equipment of the man who is away from home. The installation consists of a pile of hay and salty pink cheesecakes in the form of tiny tractors. This piece of everyday object, the cake, that looks the opposite of it's taste, questions men's and women's roles through stereotypes and conventional feminine and masculine works.

2010-2011 hay stack, salty pink cheese cookies, 10 drawings, ink and marker on paper