Wall and Concrete is a Fanzine composed from tiny drawings made by participants in a selected neighborhood, in this case the surroundings of the Telep gallery. This first edition was made with the participation of several artists and non artists who came to hide their drawings in this hide and seek. The aim is to put an invisible and secret layer on reality, that may be found by passers-by only by accident or the way of this fanzine. The materials used to do the drawings will not stand the conditions of weather and will disappear in a short time. Participants: Bobby, Énárt Vince, Fischer Judit, Horváth Eszmeralda, Horváth Krisztofer, Jakab Juli, Kapitány Eszter, Kasnyik Anna, Katona Renátó, Gonzague Lacombe, Sándor Cintia, Szemző Zsófia,

2010, xerox, fanzine in 100 copies