The private family image on one hand is unplanned, in the sense that the photographer and the object of the photo are not making a photo for the purpose of producing an image, so the composition, the light are random, they make this photo in the purpose of preserving a moment that will become a memory. At the same time it is planned because in general is is not just any random person taken in an image at a random moment, but there is a relation in between the people in the picture and in between the photographer and the objects of the photo. When we find ourselves facing family pictures of unknown people there is a notion to try to guess who are the people in the image, what do they do, what is the relation between them?
In this photo series i asked people in the street, who were unknown to each other, to get together in a family photo, as if they were relatives or friends. There is no importance on the composition or the light, as in private family pictures. will the spectator think, that these people are really a family, or friends, will they start to guess the relations in this photo, as we do with real family images?

2006-2009, photos