When we travel across a neighborhood that is unknown to us, with what we don't have any personal connection, then this is only an image to us. We imagine who is living there, or we think about something totally different. These drawings are about this place-less place, this action-less action. In the foreground layer appears the imagination of the passerby that strengthens this indifference. This series is based on the medieval image type, the season images, we see seemingly boring details of suburbs, and another layer, as if through 3D glasses, the layer of imagination. The location is unknown to the viewer, he or she is just a stranger, just passing through this area, and imagining how it could be living here. The issue of residence is important in the context of dreams and desires, and on the other hand in the context of the population growth and - or decrease, and also in the context of movement between the suburbs and inner cities.

2010, ink, marker, series of 7 drawings.