“The text and the drawing creates an abstract space, in which diverse mechanisms of vulnerability, fear and menace are examined and possible reactions considered. Szemző is primarily interested in the reaction of disappearing, blending in, “neutralizing”, retreating or “extracting ourself” from a given situation. Is some kind of temporary relief or protection possible, in which shielded by invisibility, we can become “ourselves”? This is an ambivalent question, not a “real solution”, rather a necessary “retreat” from struggling, a counterpoint of the over-exposure experienced during the struggles. This publicness and visibility is transformed into a more private, more protected situation: the people on the drawing cannot be recognized, nevertheless their features are inspired by emblematic figures of important social movements. Szemző works with a wide range of feelings that can also be interpreted as strategies: blending in, separation, collapse, traction, appearing ugly or homely, not going anywhere, dissolving, loneliness, holing up, constant attention and awareness, quickness, becoming an animal, sharpening our senses, vulnerability, insecurity and menace.” Katalin Erdődi